COVID-19 : Getting used to the new normal!

  • By Shubham Kulkarni
  • On 21 July 2020
  • In Work

Outbreak of Covid-19 has impacted all the sectors of businesses, read what we do to sustain, and be productive in this situation while working from home.

The global COVID-19 pandemic is making a diverse impact on every sector of the industry and the software and IT sector is not an exception. Businesses worldwide are changing their work ecosystem while facing several challenges in maintaining their workflow. We at Tekdi, have initiated the absolute priority towards the safety and well-being of our team members, clients, and partners. This current situation has enabled us to work from home and we have adopted this new normal way of working. We are operating hard to pitch in our efforts to maintain productivity and also contain this pandemic. We are trying to increase the speed of our decision making while using technology and data in new ways, reinventing core processes, and adopting new technology tools.

How We Are Maintaining Our Work Ecosystem?

Optimizing our work process and supporting a maintained workforce, we have prepared ourselves to work from anywhere and assist our clients with an immediate effect. This approach has helped us in keeping the balance between our work ethos, customer satisfaction, and team morale.

As everyone is working distantly, informational communication is a key to keep up the well-balanced work. We are making the best use of inter-communication mediums like Slack, Google Meet, Zoom, etc. These mediums have become an essential part of our working landscape connecting our team members, senior management, and directorial board members. We are also making an effort to stay connected with our existing and prospective clients to understand their needs, queries, and assist them accordingly. We are doing everything possible to aid and support our customers and this approach has helped us maintain the same work speed and ecosystem.

Working from home during COVID lockdown

Motivating Team Members - The Backbone Of Our Ecosystem

In the new normal situation, our biggest anxiety was about keeping up the same levels of productivity we are used to. Things that could be quickly discussed by walking over to a colleague’s desk or discussed over a cup of tea now needed a phone call or google meet. It took a while to get used to, but everyone quickly picked up, and we’ve seen communication only improve! Events like hackathons, town halls, and informal chats over tea help keep spirits high and keep us connected to our colleagues despite the distance.

Hackathons - Tekdi conducts hackathons every first Saturday of every month. This is a chance for everyone to build something interesting, or try out some cool new technology. After a day of coding, quizzing and sessions, evenings are spent demoing your creation to the entire team, followed by a birthday celebration. These hackathons turned virtual starting in April, and this version was no less fun.

Other Interesting Activities

  • Tekdians shared their opinions about this way of working and lockdown atmosphere and what new things they are learning?
  • Town hall meetings to keep everyone abreast of what everyone else is doing
  • We arranged a live yoga session, a ‘spin a wheel’ session, drawing event where our teams showcased their talents.
  • On one Saturday evening, we had a Chai pe Charcha event for the general conversation, where everyone connected virtually while having their tea or coffee mugs in hand. Whereas on another Saturday afternoon, we had an online Dabba party where all Tekdians had their lunch together.
  • We celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and even a marriage ceremony of one of our colleagues. We also celebrated the 10th work anniversary of our two diamond team members.

Here's a few photos of our team spending their lockdown time working, cooking, exercising, getting creative and having some good fun.

Working from home during COVID lockdown

Working from home during COVID lockdown

Wrapping Up

Initially, working from home and not letting it affect the workflow was a bit challenging for us, but we gradually adopted a few newer things, focused more on maintaining the work lineage, and embraced this new work culture. This outbreak has brought us, our colleagues, and our customers in one single virtual frame, where we are happily connected and building good morale. Whereafter, the activities and communications have created optimism amongst us and we have built a strong hope to face tougher situations.

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