Tekdi Eco Warriors

At Tekdi, "Giving Back" is one of our core values. In Open Source software, the giving back philosophy leaves the project in an improved state than what we started with. However, Giving Back for us goes beyond just software. We wish to leave our planet in a better state than how we found it. Tekdi's "Eco Warriors" are doing every bit they can to ensure we contribute towards sustainable progress.


Go Green Diwali 2019

This year, the Diwali gifts were a pair of cloth bags and steel tiffins to help everybody reduce the use of plastic bags and food packaging

Cloth Bags

Use these nice cloth bags instead of asking for plastic bags everytime. Using cloth bags will save hundreds of plastic bags each year. Due to the loopholes in the implementation of the "plastic ban", there is massive use of plastic bags. These end up in the stomachs of cattle or in the oceans.

Metal tiffins

Swiggy and Zomato have brought an amazing convenience in our busy lives. We can now order food at the tap of a button. However this brings a big environmental concern, since it creates almost 22000 tonnes (yes, you read it right) of plastic waste every month. Thats equivalent to the weight of over 5000 elephants.

That's where you can use these metal tiffins.


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