Tekdi Tech Talks - The First Edition

  • By Shubham Kulkarni
  • On 18 August 2020
  • In Work

At Tekdi, we believe that the best innovations can be made on a strong foundation of sharing. Be it sharing code or sharing knowledge, we are always at the forefront of contributing back all we can. On the first Saturday of every month, everyone at Tekdi gets together for a “Fun2learn Saturday” which is a day filled with Hackathons, Opensource contribution events & tech talks.

Tekdi Tech Talks

A lot has changed since we entered into “Work from Home” mode back in March and our innovative ‘hackathon team’ has adapted superbly & have been churning out some awesome ‘Remote events’ for our ecosystem.

On the 1st of August, Tekdian’s got together for the first edition of “T3 - Tekdi Tech Talks” a full day focussing on talks on topics ranging from communication to coding. Some talks specifically focussed on the ‘new normal’ of working (from home) and speakers shared insights on how to make it fun, interesting & effective.

We had 8 in-house speakers talking about various facets like - ways to Improve Communication Skills, how to do Work From Home Effectively, Email Security and Privacy, Effective Time Management Skills, and technical strands like Django - Python, JS form Library & What's new @ EkStep. We also had Philip Walton from the Joomla Release team briefing us about the upcoming ‘WFH Pizza and Bugs Event.

Here’s a quick look at the talks :

1. Session On Communication Skills -

In this 1-hour session, Manali Kumathekar- director at Tekdi Technologies, talked about underrated skills of communication. Breaking this skill into three major parts - Listening, Responding, and Understanding, she explained the do’s and don’ts to improve your communication power.

Session On Communication Skills

2. Session On How To Do WFH Effectively -

This half-hour session conducted by Amol - Associate Project Manager, touched the various points like - how to plan your day, how to prepare yourself for next day’s tasks, how to stay focused and cherished while working alone, how to stay connected effectively with your colleagues and so on.

Session On How To Do WFH Effectively

3. Session On Email Security and Privacy -

In this 30 minutes session, Shivam Sawant - Cyber-Security Professional at Tekdi Technologies focused on explaining various ways to keep yourself protected from online threats, data breaches, and sensitive information leaks. He also talked about maintaining confidentiality and privacy in cyberspace.

4. Session On Effective Time Management -

This interactive session was conducted by the Director of Tekdi Technologies - Parth Lawate. This time management strategy-oriented session covered the points like how to plan and prioritize your tasks, how to remove distractions and minimize interruptions, the use of time-management tools, and so on.

5.Session On PBF(Pizza and Bugs Event) A way forward to Joomla4 -

Post lunch, this 30 minutes session was conducted by Philip Walton- Joomla Department Member. In his extensive session, he briefed us about the upcoming ‘WFH Pizza and Bugs Event’ scheduled on October 17th, 2020, at 9:00 AM.

6. Session On Django- python -

Tekdi’s Django- python expert Tushar, presented this 1-hour brief session on the new thing that Tekdi Technologies is adopting in the work system - Django, an open-source web framework. He widely explained how Django works and how it is useful for open-source development.

7. Session On JS form library -

Our JavaScript expert - Gourav More conducted this half-hour session, in which he explained about the JS library- a new dynamic form developed by our team members. He also covered why the libraries are used and explained the entire structure and working of our JS library.

Session On JS form library

8. Session on Diksha and EkStep -

In this last half-hour session, Vinod Kumar- our technology expert working @ Ekstep talked about his practices and experiences working on the Diksha project and the response it is getting. He also explained the working of EkStep and its future endeavors.

Session on Diksha and EkStep

To relax our audience and speakers a bit after such productive sessions, we had arranged some fun activities like memory games, the princess of Persia, and movie emoji games. We also had a quick birthday celebration for our birthday boys and girls before wrapping up the day.

Arranging such a comprehensive and ingenious event virtually and managing all the technical and non-technical activities to and fro is a challenging task. Our hackathon team at Tekdi Technologies manages all these very fluently on every “Fun2learn” Saturday. We are very thankful for our entire hackathon management team - Manoj L, Priyanka Sahu, Poonam Baravkar, Shivam, Shraddha Sankpal, Vijay Khollam, Vaibhav, Mangesh Mane, and Aishwarya Bagawade.

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