We are a technology innovation partner for organisations. With a focus on scalable solutions and continuous learning we take you through the digital transformation journey - right from prototype stage to rollout and continuous evolution. Do view our success stories that back up these claims.

Product Engineering

    Businesses today need agility to be able to derive efficiency across the value chain. Technology products play a key role to drive these gains. Customers today are not just external, but any internal users are also key customers who demand equally good applications to execute their daily work. We use critical thinking, great UI UX, appropriate technology and industry best practices to create applications across industry verticals. Tekdi can help you right from the prototyping and MVP stage to launch and continuous evolution of the applications.

    AI & ML

      Artificial Intelligence has opened up new vistas by allowing intelligent decision making, forecasting and bringing significant efficiency gains. Organisations across the globe are realising the value that can be extracted from their existing data by employing AI & ML. In addition to self hosted AI ML infrastructure, pay-as-you-go offerings from major cloud providers has made available advanced level machine learning to anyone for a fraction of the cost. Image and text recognition, code-less model generation are some of the services that can be leveraged. We help our clients leverage this technology to deliver measurable business value.

      Conversational AI & Chatbots

        Conversational AI has brought about disruption in the way users interact with applications, and how customers reach out to businesses - for service, marketing or sales. There are endless possibilities in how AI-driven conversation flows can be used - chatbots, virtual assistants, Alexa Skills to name a few. Organisations need support that can intelligently find answers, sales that need to engage the customers when they're most likely to buy, and assistants that gently nudge the users when they're lost. We help you create omnichannel conversational experiences so you can reach your users and customers on the platforms they are familiar with.


          We help applications of various maturity levels to leverage DevOps practices to help put features quickly in the hands of your users. We help organisations with various processes like Continuous Integration & Delivery, Monitoring, Cloud Migration, Containerisation, DevSecOps and Performance Engineering. We use best practices to ensure your environments keep running smoothly.

          Testing Center of Excellence

            TCoE is a dedicated division of Tekdi Technologies that delivers Software Testing Services with a focus on Quality Management, Automated Testing and Change Management services.

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