What is Tekdi ?

In the unfortunate occurrence of a natural disaster, the relief team that reaches out to the impacted area is well-trained with software developed by Tekdi.

If you come across an outstanding educator, chances are they have honed their skills through courses and assessments available on our teacher's assessment platform, which contributes to the broader landscape of Digital Public Goods India, encompassing free cultural works and sustainable digital development initiatives.

Our solutions not only benefit various stakeholders, ranging from prominent government initiatives and businesses to NGOs in India but also align with the ethos of leveraging emerging technologies for the betterment of the common man, as envisioned by Digital India Corporation.

Why Tekdi ?

As Tekdi propels forward in its mission to be a catalyst for societal transformation by empowering individuals and organizations with technology, our workplace becomes a dynamic hub for personal and career growth across diverse roles.

Embracing a diverse team that spans different generations, from seasoned individuals with a wealth of experience to the vibrant Gen-Zs, Tekdi fosters an environment rich in learning opportunities. Our commitment to working with diverse clients and exploring cutting-edge technologies ensures a constant flow of innovation.

In our agile setting, we prioritize adaptability, responding swiftly to the evolving landscape of technology.

This, combined with a comprehensive range of rewards and benefits, a genuine concern for employee well-being, and a steadfast dedication to community outreach, makes this an incredibly exciting time to join the Tekdi team. Be a part of our transformative journey, where your role contributes to the broader purpose of societal empowerment through technology.

Your Ideal Workplace Awaits

We remain committed to fostering a supportive environment as we innovate and unlock our professional potential, guided by our core values and a positive business culture.

Our Values


Benefits At Tekdi

We value our team members living a full life where, their multiple aspects of life like - fitness and mental health, wealth, work and career prosperity, Social and Family relationships, personal and spiritual development and Fun and entertainment are managed well.

We are committed to cultivating a space where individuals can flourish.

At Tekdi, we understand that the prosperity of our organization hinges on the expertise, capability, and mindset of our workforce. Our commitment is to nurture professional growth for everyone, regardless of whether they operate from the office or remotely. We foster a culture that not only encourages continual learning but also provides a supportive environment for concentrating on individual projects and career objectives. In our inclusive atmosphere, each individual is esteemed, allowing for a flourishing professional journey.

Create Impact with Us

Acknowledging the ripple effect of our efforts instills a profound sense of purpose. Beyond the confines of technical proficiency, our pride resonates from the tangible difference we create in people's lives and communities. Each positive action serves as a beacon of hope, fostering a collective vision for a brighter tomorrow. With every endeavor, we embark on a journey toward progress, fueled by our commitment to making meaningful contributions to the world.

Impact Areas

  • Government

  • Education

  • Impact Making &, Non-profits

  • Entergy FinTech, On-demand business

  • Transportation & Automotive

  • Media & Entertainment

  • E-commerce

  • Manufacturing & Retail Real estate

Steps of our Hiring Process