EIT Climate-KIC is a European knowledge & innovation community, working towards a prosperous, inclusive, climate-resilient society founded on a circular, zero-carbon economy. Climate-KIC’s ‘Pioneers into Practice’ (PIP) programme is a development and placement programme aimed at professionals who want to be the next generation of climate innovators.

Operating in 20 European locations, the Pioneers programme runs from May through to November every year and consists of a 4-6 week placement that helps Pioneers with transitions thinking and systems innovation mentoring delivered through a structured workshop programme and online training.

Problem Statement

The client required a platform that connects the Applicants (Pioneers) & Host (Internship provider) aimed at Climate change. Application process involves submitting applications, interviews & online assessment for the same. Ability for Managers & Host to do assessment of various submissions, reports submitted by Candidate throughout the programme. A matching tool was needed to help match the most suitable Applicants to the right Hosts.

Solutions Given

  • Various steps are involved in the journey of applicant applying for the programme to completion of the placement programme. We developed an underlying infrastructure for ‘Paths’ which helps in defining various stages and its prerequisite. A Pioneer's path has Application submission, Interview Assessment, Submitting Work Plan & Group project reports as the sequential stages.
  • An assessment Engine was implemented in order to do the assessment of Applicants at various stages like - application, interview. The Assessment Engine helps Program Manager to define the assessment parameters and provide scores for each parameter.
  • An open source data acquisition tool ‘UCM’ (Universal Content Modeler), built in-house, enabled us to configure the form fields for the applications reducing the effort significantly
  • Placement Selection & Matching Tool was developed to help Applicants to choose the placements as per their preference. It also helps Host & Manager to shortlist the best suitable candidates for their placements.
  • Various reports were developed for managers

Technologies Used

PHP, Joomla, MySql, Joomla, JQuery

Quick Walkthrough of Features with Screenshots

Apply for the programme (Pioneers / Host)