The digital economy, continuous innovation and rapid proliferation have pushed every business to reinvent their business model using technology as the core. Digital Technology is an asset in an uncertain world. Given the shifts and the variance of the global economy, digital assets empower businesses to lead from the front and differentiate in their market segments. Digital gives you the ability to close gaps between your customers, your suppliers, your partners, your entire ecosystem. Closing these gaps helps businesses to leverage their business models and execute on strategy and goals and contribute to revenues and profits. Digital transformation must continuously transform your business model giving you the edge to compete, differentiate and lead your business. For us at Tekdi, Digital is not rocket science, it’s more of a practice, it’s at the root of everything we do. It is something that we keep improving upon because we realize that for our customers to be successful there must be a measurable impact on both - customer experience and operational excellence. For us, business outcomes are a product of experience and excellence. As digital impacts different industries differently, we strongly believe that every industry offers a number of unique transformation opportunities. Resulting, our primary motive is to deliver great digital experiences across every sector. We understand that the experiences we deliver to our customers impact the industries they operate in. Our Digital capabilities also empower our customers to change the economies of their business and achieve growth by reinventing their business models and helping them work more cohesively with their supply chains.

Learning and Education

    Digital transformation in the learning and education industry is blurring the lines between learning and work. With more than 50% of the global workforce estimated to be millennials by 2025 and the fact that Gen Z grew up learning on digital devices, the new is now in this industry. New work paradigms, rapid reskilling, and the need for continuous ongoing education mean that the learners will be hyper-connected to their work environments demanding more than ever from their learning and training organizations. Access to answers just when you need on the job learning, learning widgets, microlearning, and AI-powered automation is a norm at a time when decisions need to be made with speed and responses need to be fast, accurate, and measurable.

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    Customer Experience

      In the digital economy, customer experience has become the new competitive edge. Businesses that adopt a customer centric approach are more successful than their peers. Great CX requires a customer first approach, whether it is navigating your website, providing good customer services or product experience. CX is a measure of every interaction a customer has with your business and is an inescapable criterion of digital transformation. At the crux of this transformation is the use of technology.

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      Content Publishing

        The digital boom of media is driven by a combination of trends and innovations. Navigating content and media across different channels and infrastructure creates challenges for consumers and enterprises alike. Consumers want to organize their interaction, experience and consumption of content and digital assets on platforms of their choice.

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        e-Commerce & Marketplaces

          Marketplaces are becoming increasingly vital when it comes to customer search. The biggest impact of Digital Transformation has been on Marketplaces & ecommerce. Digital has enabled the buyers and the sellers to meet on e-commerce platforms and Marketplaces giving both the buyers and the sellers plenty of options to interact with each other. Choice and Fulfillment are top drivers that are pushing these ecosystems to evolve more rapidly than ever.

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