The field of UX deals with studying, designing and evaluating the experiences that people have using a Product.

This use always takes place in a specific context, which has an impact on the UX. The notion of experience is therefore inherent to users. Experience in general covers everything personally encountered. And although ‘user experience’ has a narrower scope than ‘experience’, ‘user experience’ is still an umbrella term that may refer to several forms of user experience.

While the core of user experience will be the actual experience of usage, this does not cover all relevant UX concerns. People can have indirect experience before their first encounter through expectations formed from existing experience of related technologies and therefore good UX needs to be specific and must be designed to create an impact.

UI design focuses on the user's visual experience. The goal of User Interface is to anticipate what users might need to do and ensures that the interface has those elements. User interface design can dramatically affect the usability and user experience of an application. If the design is too complex or not adapted to targeted users, the user may not be able to find the information or service they are looking for. User interface design should be optimized so that the user can execute the desired action as easily as possible. Intuitive user interface design drives navigation and adoption.

Our UI/UX practice harnesses research and technology to drive adoption. We continuously research new technologies and trends, practices to bring the best for our customers. This would mean using wireframes, illustrations, microinteractions, using 3D Graphics, testing layouts and storytelling to test case different scenarios, transitions and interfaces to see what works best with the audience.

On the UX side we work on prototypes and modeling to determine interactions, experience and usability. We run several iterations to separate confusing experiences to logical and efficient ones.

We strongly feel that the best way to achieve this is by tasking UI designers with the interface and UX designers are tasked to determine how the interface operates. Good UI/UX design is a very collaborative process and we take great pride and effort to make sure these teams work cohesively to achieve the goals of creating a personalized experience for our customers.