Our solutions in the learning and education industry empower B2B and B2C businesses to execute on their learning strategy, learning delivery and learning measurement at scale. We offer both, a full-stack learning platform configured and customized to meet your unique learning requirements as well as a cloud-based learning platform that can be subscribed on a per user pricing model. Use these to design your own learning universe and allow us to unplug rich features and functionalities from gamification to prescription using our AI-powered platform. Drive learning engagement with our gamification engine or integrate with the choice of your virtual classrooms from video-driven to collab enabled, built to suit your every need.

    Associations and Federations

      Associations and federations are commonly facing challenges with creating value to their members and improving member stickiness along with limited revenue sources. In this era, Digital enablement by associations and federations is playing a key role in the transformation of business processes. Our digital platform solution has certainly helped the associations in better organisation, management and administration of day to day and specific workflows and functions that are part of their ecosystem.

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        We empower non-profits with a platform that solves their key challenges - record keeping, donor outreach, and improving access to funds. The platform automatically creates an online presence for the non-profits which boosts credibility. The secure cloud platform simplifies donor management, helps de-duplication, improves reporting, and allows online collection of donations. Communicating with donors and keeping them posted about projects is effortless with the built-in communication tools. The platform thus augments the ability of non-profits to continue improving society and the communities around them.


          Encouraging healthy competition in peers can do wonders for performance and output. When people see that doing just a little extra can make them go to the top of a leaderboard, it pushes them to give their best. Our gamification platform lets you create competitions and leaderboards not just at the workplace but even for sports and social events. The SaaS platform allows organisations to sign up, create competitions, points earning rules and displays a leaderboard. Both individual and team competitions are supported. APIs are available for integrating with external systems.

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