Content Management plays a crucial role in Digital Transformation as well as providing Digital experiences. Content is consumed in a variety of formats by almost every industry, to the extent that every customer interaction begins and ends with content. Customers need access to information, knowledge & support, where they reside and the need to be more responsive is driven by CSAT, NPS and CES ratings. Automation is driving every business flow and the need to be increasingly intelligent by integrating different channels is fast becoming a competitive edge. Customer centric services are creating an organization wide culture of seamless information transfer to improve accuracy, reduce errors and impact performance. Content Architecture, Content Management, Content archival from repositories to other sources for further analysis and massaging is leading us into a new era of digital transformation. A good content strategy improves communication, efficiency and productivity contributing to engaged relationships with customers. The digital boom of media is driven by a combination of trends and innovations. Navigating content and media across different channels and infrastructure creates challenges for consumers and enterprises alike. Consumers want to organize their interaction, experience and consumption of content and digital assets on platforms of their choice. The Content is not always available in a format in which it can be readily consumed. There is a need to adapt different forms of content to changing consumption patterns so that the right content can reach the right audience at the right time. On one side content is becoming more discoverable than ever on the web with the advent of search engines and their constantly improving algorithms. And on the other side, Digital publications and platforms have created a rapid explosion in the volume of content & media being created. Our Content practice helps organizations design, architect and deploy content platforms from concept to execution. We can take a strategic view of all your content assets including blogs, websites, knowledge portals, intranets or large content publishing platforms and deliver best in class content architecture and content management systems. We could also help you design new Business models post digitization giving you the option to discover your own mediums and channels to expose your content and information to new users through new sources.