Marketplaces are becoming increasingly vital when it comes to customer search. The biggest impact of Digital Transformation has been on Marketplaces & ecommerce. Digital has enabled the buyers and the sellers to meet on e-commerce platforms and Marketplaces giving both the buyers and the sellers plenty of options to interact with each other. Choice and Fulfillment are top drivers that are pushing these ecosystems to evolve more rapidly than ever. The fact that both the B2C as well as B2B Markets are increasingly adapting to Marketplaces is a sign that both the buyers and the sellers need thorough access to a common place where not only they could transact but also a platform where they get instant feedback, reviews, and product experience. Gratification and sentiments are driving this behavior further and the fact that more than 50% of user search is estimated to happen outside of search engines is a signal that the future of sellers is on eCommerce platforms. Marketplaces for B2B Businesses create an ecosystem for different Products to integrate with each other using API’s and Connectors. This further simplifies the way Business happens in the new world because every product or service is now available on the edge of the cloud. Tekdi can design an end to end ecommerce platform or build a Marketplace that is designed to help you to operate in dynamic environments at scale. Our solutions are built on a strong digital foundation giving you the flexibility to scale horizontally or vertically. We can design and deploy Marketplace integration platforms that can help your customers to get access to third party products and services to meet increasing customer demand without overinvesting in owned inventory. Our ecommerce solutions will offer you the benefits of increasing Customer Lifetime Value or increasing your average order Size or improving Customer Experience helping you to get more returns on your investments.