Digital transformation in the learning and education industry is blurring the lines between learning and work. With more than 50% of the global workforce estimated to be millennials by 2025 and the fact that Gen Z grew up learning on digital devices, the new is now in this industry. New work paradigms, rapid reskilling, and the need for continuous ongoing education mean that the learners will be hyper-connected to their work environments demanding more than ever from their learning and training organizations. Access to answers just when you need on the job learning, learning widgets, microlearning, and AI-powered automation is a norm at a time when decisions need to be made with speed and responses need to be fast, accurate, and measurable. Our solutions in the learning and education industry empower B2B and B2C businesses to execute their learning strategy, learning delivery, and learning measurement at scale. We offer both, a full-stack learning platform configured and customized to meet your unique learning requirements as well as a cloud-based learning platform that is ready to switch on as you go. Use our open-source platform to design your own learning universe or simply go live on ground zero with our cloud version and allow us to unplug rich features and functionalities from gamification to prescription using our AI-powered platform. Learn in the comfort of your browser or get started with attendance management using our intelligence hub. Drive learning engagement with our gamification engine or integrate with the choice of your virtual classrooms from video-driven to collab enabled, built to suit your every need.