In the digital economy, customer experience has become the new competitive edge. Businesses that adopt a customer centric approach are more successful than their peers. Great CX requires a customer first approach, whether it is navigating your website, providing good customer services or product experience. CX is a measure of every interaction a customer has with your business and is an inescapable criterion of digital transformation. At the crux of this transformation is the use of technology. Organizations that can leverage technology can deliver much better customer experience and align strategy versus execution. This alignment is often seen as the most critical element to create balance and a differentiating customer experience. Different Industries, Manufacturing, Retail, Automobile, Finance & Media use digitally enabled processes across their supply chain to transform the customer experience at every touch point. On the good side, there are no options when it comes to CX. We understand that our customer’s needs are continuously evolving. Cutting edge competition and the pace of Digital Transformation require our customers to continuously innovate. In the experience economy, the way our ends users consume products or services continuously changes as the world around them shifts its business model. Our CX capabilities are designed to deliver great customer experiences for your products and services across your digital ecosystem. With personalization fast becoming the key driver for CX, our Digital transformation solutions help you to consistently deliver personalized experiences at scale across all channels using technology that can access data from multiple sources and analyze data to recommend new personalization methods through connected intelligence. We see connected data as the future of CX and believe that good customer experiences are an evolution of connected data & intelligence.