Association of Designers of India (ADI) is a world-class network developed to promote the best practices in the profession of design. It is the meaningful interface built for Indian Design Community/profession, that puts design professionals, industries, educational institutions, users, and policymakers on one single platform.


ADI aims to consolidate and promote the capabilities of Indian design professionals by equipping them with a platform for sharing design thinking and design case studies. Its unique value proposition is set by promoting India as a design service destination, through out-reach programs, events & installations, publications, and design-related activities. Association of Designers of India is aiding a hand to lead the design community towards a better quality of service, responsible design and smooth interface with the industry. ADI delivers the designers right from the content that presents the global practice to events that connects them together. Resulting, they have gained 1490 members on-board and published 8 chapters since launch.

Problem Statement

With this aim, ADI wanted us to develop a solution for their website that helps them -

  • Build a platform for a greater understanding of the value of design and designers to compliance of ethical practice code amongst the design community in India.
  • Enable the users to enhance professional development through comprehensive learning resources for the community by the community.
  • A solution that provides effective information and membership management
  • Encourage designers and users by sharing the most exciting design work and engaging them in a thoughtful and provocative discussion on pressrooms using social media, news, and blogs.
  • Host a robust calendar of events as well as programming and initiatives to serve a wide range of special interest groups.
  • Make powerful tools and resources accessible to all.


Keeping the client’s aim in mind, our team started working from scratch. Our domain consulting team focused on understanding their business strategy, analyzing the trends of the market they serve in, and then came up with the objective-oriented development plan. We worked closely with the ADI team to ensure the smooth integration of the system. We leveraged the power of UI/UX to design the interactive and responsive interface for the client’s website.

Our solution included the following technological aspects -

  • We leveraged the power of JTicketing for event management
  • PayPlans has been used for online membership management
  • EasyBlog used for enabling the blogging feature
  • EasySocial has been used for creating various organizational pages.
  • Facebook and LinkedIn logIn integration is powered by the JFBConnect
  • Variety of Joomla articles and modules have been used for creating the website
  • A strong content management platform

Our Value Proposition

  • Reduced time to market with the use of ground-breaking products
  • Strong Association related domain knowledge because of similar past engagements
  • Demonstrated experience in building Web applications using Joomla and other latest technologies
  • Proven expertise in UI/UX to cater to related requirements
  • Product first approach in developing the solutions

Technical Key Implementation

  • PHP
  • Joomla
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Google Analytics