One of India's largest media companies required a platform to host a competition to recruit talent for their Writer training program, Internships and eventual recruitment.

The platform allows the client to manage a public website and let applicants register on their platform. Once registered applicants take part in an online challenge where they are giving briefs to submit 2 stories as practical exercises.

The platform allows random assignment of assessors to the applicants from a pool. The assessors can then use a parametric assessment tool to rate the applications on various parameters and also describe their reasoning against each. Based on this evaluation, applicants are shortlisted. From this shortlist, senior assessors do another round of assessment to decide the final participants.

These participants attend a workshop to train them on the various skills and they again do another set of exercises via the platform which again goes through a series of assessments. The entire system to allow submissions and multiple assessments are provided by us. It also allows for a public display of the result.

The Platform

To get selected, Applicants have to submit the two Writing Challenges on the website: Story Challenge and Scene and Dialogue Challenge. Each completed application is read by a panel of professional screenwriters before participants are finalised for the next round to be held in Mumbai.

The selected applicants are invited for the Mumbai Challenge, a 2-day event in Mumbai. At this event, participants learn storytelling techniques and meet the team in person. On the basis of the submissions and personal interviews held during the Mumbai Challenge, final 15 students are chosen for the program.

We developed an Online Web Application which allows participants to register & submit multiple assignments. After Submission completion, System automatically assigns multiple Assessors from the Pool using load balancing.

After registration, applicants can submit 2 different attachments as a part of Online challenge completion. Attachments will have basic configurable validations like supported format, size etc.

Assign multiple Junior Assessors automatically on after assignment gets completed by Applicants. Each Assessor will do an assessment

Junior Readers evaluate the submission of each Challenge of Applicants from the Action board.

After completing the 2 assessment forms, the reader accepts or rejects the application. Special Readers start evaluating the Applications that are approved by 2 Readers. Assessment Parameters for each Challenge could be different. The applicant receives final confirmation or rejection email only after the evaluation is done by any of the Special User (David or Smita).

Same will be done for the Mumbai Challenge. There will be final confirmation & approval from Admin after Special users Approval. This is for both Challenges.