Associations and Federations Associations Associations are increasingly tasked to drive the value chain of information, knowledge, and innovation. Faced with a continuous challenge of the limited audience and limited revenue channels, organizations are increasingly struggling to create value for their member base. Declining memberships and attendance are further contributing to this gap and not demonstrating value and benefits to their members can mean there will be a direct impact on their health and growth. Given this, digital, insights & governance will play a critical role to re-model this industry in these pivotal times. Digital enablement will be a game changer as transformation is crucial in changing times.For all you know, the change could not have come at a better time. Associations sometimes depend on several small organizations/companies as a lot of their members run small and medium businesses. Small businesses are the pillar of a strong economy and the reality is that they can never afford “market research”. Instead, they leverage from association fees and get access to this value chain. Technology can drive this level of transformation and make information accessible and ready for use. The amount of information related to your industry is on the rise. While this can be good, it can also be overwhelming. Managing the information and the research becomes critical to unplug insights into research and get a proper handle on the knowledge base. As the Programs grow and Associations scale in terms of both members and the content related to policy matters and governance, management of content assets becomes more critical. Unlike other industries, this industry relies heavily on governance and accountability. Good governance drives ethics, leadership and promotes trust and a feeling of belonging. Members look up to other members in matters of policy, regulations, procedures, and best practices. A process of inclusion always goes a long way and is fundamental to the growth and success of Associations. Tekdi’s solutions Process Tekdi Association platform supports online and offline event management - A revenue and subscription boost Process A completely Digital process for end to end Association membership management - Process automation and unified data management Process Platform with strong support for Digital information management - Advanced information sharing and management solution. Our solutions for Associations help our customers to organize, manage, administrate, streamline as well as gain insights into the day to day workflow of the various functions that are part of your ecosystem. Tekdi’s platform is modular, extensible and is designed for scale. We use object relationships to drive engagement and smooth administration. Knowing that your needs are extremely specific to your Business, we model our platform to become a replica of your business model. This outside-in view helps us streamline and create workflows that are aligned to your existing processes. So instead of providing technology for your needs, we provide you with an open platform that you can use to build your business model without trying to change too much. Automation always has an objective. Our automation principles are designed on best practices and we provide you with both – an isolated view of your system that can benefit individual members to access just what they need as well as create a system of governance around your IT policies, procedures and even your practice. At “Tekdi Technologies” we also believe in empowering our users to co-create, co-produce and share information for the benefit of communities. Keeping this in mind, we have built our platform on the fundamental premise of open source technologies. Open source projects lower barriers to access and allow members to use these tools to help themselves or those around them. The accessibility of these knowledge assets foster innovation and drive engagement. Engaged members promote membership and create a strong positivity amongst fellow members creating a sense of ownership. Tekdi’s platform also provides data and insights to their members to expand access to information and know-how. Event specific analysis or Policy specific analysis can help members make better decisions and gain valuable insights into new policy matters or changing regulations. After that, Industry insights are highly sought by members and providing this information directly increases the value that the members get from the platform.