Change is a fact of life. The education industry is continuously evolving. Access to technology means more resources are available for educators, students, government bodies, industry associates and corporates. These resources empower their users to get a better control on their day to day education related requirements. Innovation also plays an equally important role. With easy access to new and innovative methods of learning, the expectations of their users are on the rise. And as expectations increase, so do the trends. All this has created a new wave of enthusiasm and there is little doubt, that the education industry is posed for rapid transformation. It is becoming important for Government bodies and Educators to understand how these factors are constantly evolving and find new & novel ways to engage learners, students or employees. Part of this demand is arising because of increased competition between educational institutes as more and more educational institutes try to retain top talent. Demand for flexible education models is on the rise as well as there is a growing need to accommodate working students through diploma courses and nontraditional certification. This has also led to a surge in specialized technology offerings like virtual reality being implemented as an immersive learning experience.