The public sector is going through a radical change. For decades, the private sector has been leading the public sector when it comes to technology adoption and automation.Change is inevitable. The public sector has been closely following the rapid advancements in the private sector and over the last few years it has systemically created a model of adaption after seeing big changes that have been happening in the other private sector industries. Macroeconomic factors and environmental factors are driving business policies globally and adapting to these changes very quickly becomes a success factor for the government and public sector industry. The rapid rise of digital transformation and e-governance has further driven massive changes around the way business happens in the new economy. It has also become more critical for Government bodies to improve customer experience and citizen relationships because these have a direct impact on the requirements and demands of citizens in a new world. Governments will also need to be more rooted to understand the changing needs of the citizens so that they can serve them better with the use of technology and practice. Transformation is driving a different level of play where new models need to be deployed to deliver better experiences. Operations, Policy issues, Immigration, Defense, Regulations, Healthcare and Infrastructure Development are all going through momentous shifts and this industry is poised for rapid transformation based on the trends we are seeing globally.