The Media and Publishing Industry is rapidly transforming. The focus of this industry is moving from Media creation to Media monetization. Profit management has become extremely critical due to the complex supply-chain ecosystem. Media organizations have also been through acquisitions and organic growth that has resulted in a fragmented IT infrastructure spread across business and geographic boundaries. To add to this media is consumed on different devices and different platforms globally. Younger consumers committed to their mobile devices are looking forward to 5G Technology for AR/VR, Streaming Content & multi-player gaming. The intersection of Technology, Media and Telecommunications is driven by the need to create compelling user experiences and leading Media houses scramble to get more footage for their content. Technology evolution has been so relentless that often the window of Business opportunity is small and so this industry has to continually adapt. Media houses have to continually adapt to changing consumer behavior and with the race to launch more and more satellites in space faster internet, lower latency and increased reach will provide the last mile connectivity to millions of users who are under connected. The transition has created opportunities for Media companies to reach a broader network faster and at less costs.